The sign in my foyer says "Live, Laugh, Love" . . . while the sign inside my head says "Bind, Gag, Spank". Doing all Six, Helps me Live Life to the Fullest.

Now I'm not here to give anyone Relationship advice, because my Partner and I are still learning and will continue to be learning the rest of our Lives.

My Goal is to share more of my BDSM Erotica to as many Interested Readers as I can. To Offer to you a World of Pleasures Beyond Pleasures . . . Orgasms Beyond Orgasms . . .

With my Experiences, both giving and receiving, Topping and Bottoming, I've first hand knowledge of many of my words and thoughts I share. The things I explain or detail in my Stories I've yet to do . . . they're on my To-Do List.

When I explain the fine details of that thin layer of skin being pulled from my lips, as the too dry leather gag is removed . . . it's not because I have a real good imagination . . . it's because those were my lips and that was my skin.

I plan to share a wide variety of Erotic BDSM Stories including many of my Favorite Games to Play, like Sensory Deprivation with Bondage. If there's any one thing I'm gonna push, it's trying Sensory Deprivation if you haven't already.

It is the path to Orgasmic Heaven that can't be reached without it. Sensitivity levels skyrocketing! Every touch sending sparks of excitement, fear and butterflies rushing though your flesh . . . finding a home in and around your Pussy or Cock!

So I hope you Join Me in my World again and again as I move my Thoughts from my Very Naugty Head to here on Medium.

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I Love, Live & Write BDSM! I Hope you’ll Join me in My World of Erotic Bondage Fantasy Stories